these artworks are available for checkout at the braddock library

Hello and Welcome to Transformazium's website. The artworks above, and more, are available for checkout at the Braddock Carnegie Library as part of the Art Lending Collection.
Transformazium is the collaborative work of Leslie Stem, Dana Bishop-Root and Ruthie Stringer. We have produced some artworks and several ongoing arts based projects that we would be very happy to tell you about. Unfortunately, we are very bad at updating our website. As a matter of fact, the text that you are reading right now is the first update that we've made in about three years. This is something that we sincerely regret, and we hope we don't sound like we're making excuses. Life has gotten in the way. It has been hard to prioritize. We're just not very good at it. It might be wishful thinking to say that we are going to try to improve.

We do want to share what we have done, and we do want to talk with people who are doing similar work, or who have questions. The most direct option is to call us at the Braddock Carnegie Library 412-351-5356. We're reachable there most days between 11am and 6pm est. Or email us at Be persistant.

We have an old website with information about older projects that you can access here. And here are links to our Artist Statement and CV.


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